What is Coinbitpay?

Coinbitpay is a advanced and secured multilayered cryptocurrency wallet to store and withdraw various kinds of virtual coins. Coinbitpay offers to its users the lowest withdrawal fee ever from any other exchange always.

How might I convert all these various coins to BTC?

You can set your payout addresses to go legitimately to a trade. A typical alternative is Binance.com since they (alternatively) bolster consequently selling your coins when you store them, diminishing your dangers of conversion scale change.

How would I pick what coins to acknowledge?

The best coins are typically the ones with genuinely stable trade rates. Bitcoin and Etherium and Litecoin are the biggest and generally steady so we suggest you acknowledge them two at the very least. Stable coins like TUSD/USDT are also the biggest and is energetically prescribed.

How might I convert coins to fiat cash, for example, U.S. Dollars or Euros?

There are numerous trades exchanges where you can exchange coins for different coins or monetary standards. You can likewise purchase gift vouchers or product with coins, the coin economy develops each day.

How can I earn 10% monthly return?

For 30 days the coins you have stored in your wallet, 10% monthly return will be credited to your Coinbitpay TUSD (ERC20) wallet account for first month. To get 10% monthly return it is necessary to hold your coins for minimum of 30 days in your Coinbitpay wallet. The minimum amount to retain in your wallet for monthly returns is 300 USD worth of any coin on Coinbitpay.

What is lowest withdrawal fees on Coinbitpay?

Coinbitpay offers every customer the lowest of withdrawal fees from any other crypto exchanges always. For pricing details you can also refer to https://www.coinbitpay.com/fees-pricing

How to know or contact in any kind of queries with Coinbitpay?

Coinbitpay always emphasizes on customer satisfaction and hence you are always welcome to write to Coinbitpay support management team at support@coinbitpay or can send a message at our contact us page. You can also refer to our official Facebook/Twitter page. Kindly note that your questions and queries will be answered on maximum of 24-36 hours of our working time schedule.